Minor change ➡️ MAJOR impact. 5️⃣ reasons to globalise your content.

Deserve more recognition for your hard work? More playing and financial opportunities? More power in negotiations? Open the door to a world of possibility by posting content in more than one language, for these FIVE simple reasons: 


All of us put a lot of time into our social-media content and, as busy professionals, you want that time and effort to have the impact it deserves. Everybody in sport wants their authentic personality, sense of humour and intelligence to be reflected on social media, but if you don’t connect with your audience in their language(s), the message will be lost and engagement will be zero. 

Think that by using an automatic translator 😱 that your content will be understandable? Possibly, though the risk of embarrassing errors is great… 

Can automatic translation capture ANY of the subtle details of your humour, personality or intelligence? No, no and… NO.    


Staying on similar lines comes the key issue of engagement. Let’s say you’re an English-speaking footballer playing In France or Spain, but you only write in English on social media. 

“Everybody speaks English,” you think, and a lot of people do, but how much of the subtle detail of your message (again – your humour, personality and intelligence) will reach the people in the country you now live? 

And while many of us are able to read posts in other languages – with the help of the context or images – how much more difficult is it to write or comment in those languages?

By putting up a language barrier on social media, you are kissing goodbye to the chance to ENGAGE with local fans and audiences who are desperate to interact with you. Might they still follow you? Yes. Will they ‘engage’ with you by commenting on and sharing your content? No…  


You train hard, you look after yourself and you give it your best in every match, so why don’t you get the recognition you deserve? In today’s world, sporting performance will only get you to a certain point – what will tip the balance (brutally) in terms of opportunities is a well-managed online presence. 

By using professionals to help you translate key content and give you strategic advice, you quickly make yourself more accessible to international media and sponsors. They’re the ones who can bring you more RECOGNITION through i) greater visibility (Media) and ii) increased financial rewards (Sponsors).

Another advantage to raising your profile internationally? When you start to connect with a global audience, it makes you more attractive to domestic media and sponsors too! 


Ok, so you’re happy at your current club, but you’ve only got a short-term contract or you know that you’re paid less than other players. What happens after you’re suddenly connecting with a global audience and putting yourself on the radar of foreign clubs? More followers and more media coverage = more POWER and more opportunities to make the right decisions for you and your future.


You know from experience that taking care of the small details can make all the difference in a match, and the same is true in the “online game”. A top sportsperson demands excellence from themselves every day, so don’t settle for less from those who look after your online image.  

Article by Onuba Comms founder, Nick Aitken

At @onubacomms, we believe everyone in sport should have the chance to connect with their global audience – contact us and we’ll show you how!


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